Mood #Invisible

Like a grain on the beach
Like a star in the sky
Far too many to count with the naked eye
They won’t see you

Go ahead
Walk on by
You don’t know I’m alive
Maybe one day you’ll find
You should open your eyes
You don’t know me

You’re the one who looked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
And you’re the one who walked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible

Little things adding up
Try so hard not to rush
Giving in, letting go of the world we know
They won’t see you

Force it down
Lose the taste
They all think it’s a waste
We don’t need to believe every word they say, now
They don’t know me

You’re the one who looked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
And you’re the one who walked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible

It’s so easy to be lost
But maybe you’re not lost at all

Do you recognize me?
Do you know who I am?
Do you see me now?
Do you see me now?

You’re the one who looked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
And you’re the one who walked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
I’m invisible
I’m invisible

Leominster shortlisted in Great British High Street competition. Place your vote darlings!


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Local traders and memers of the public supporting Leominster's bid. Photo: James Maggs.

Photo: Hereford Times

Leominster is shortlisted under the Rising Star category for the Great British High Street Award 2016.

Share photos of Leominster highstreet on twitter under hashtag #GBHighSt #Leominster2win

More details
Voting closes on 18 November 2016

Get updates from The Hereford Times here.

Bill Wiggins, MP for North Herefordshire talking about Leominster’s place in the shortlist:


“It is a fantastic achievement for Leominster High Street to reach the final of this competition and is great reward for the men and women who work so hard every day serving the community.

“Leominster has a wide range of excellent independent shops and it is a delight to see the High Street thriving. I would urge everyone to vote for Leominster so that they get the recognition they so richly deserve.”

If you’re a WordPress blogger you can follow this MP on WordPress.


Notable Leominster Twitter accounts to follow and have a peak at the goings on of this market town.


Major publisher is reaching out to emerging writers in the regions of the UK usually ignored


Are you an unpublished writer: ficton or non-fiction? Do you have a story to tell about the region, city, town or village you call home ?


Weidenfeld & Nicolson (part of The Orion Publishing Group)  is launching a series of short books – Hometown Tales – featuring new voices from regions that are under-represented in the UK book market. Each book will include a work by an unpublished writer and one by a high-profile author, both writing about the same place. The series will be a platform for new writers, helping them to launch the first step of their careers, edited and mentored by editors at W&N.

Writers who have not published a full-length work are invited to apply to feature in Hometown Tales by submitting a piece of fiction or non-fiction, of approximately 15,000 words, about a place in the UK, including Northern Ireland, where they were born…

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Look out for Hereford Contemporary 11-13th November 2016



The Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DG.  

Hereford Contemporary is held in the Left Bank on the first floor, second floor and outside courtyard space, with adult workshops taking place on Friday and children’s workshops on Saturday and Sunday, in the Coach House.  Visitors and exhibitors alike have easy (and full disabled) access to light refreshments on the first and third floor, you can sit inside or outside on the River Terraces. Or choose the excellent, locally sourced food and drink at De Koffie Pot café/bar in the Coach House, including the courtyard outside with it’s warming fire bowls.

Jewellery    |    Textiles    |    Furniture    |    Paintings    |    Wooden home wares    |    Ceramics Porcelain    |    Glass    |    Stone carving    |    Prints    |    Basketry    |    Leather bags
Fashion Accessories    |    Metalwork and Sculpture

The Left Bank, Hereford (The 1st floor of the venue on the left is where the exhibition is running)

Get early peak of the Exhibitor’s work on Flickr page.

Bohemian of the Month/ #BOTM: Lord Melvyn Bragg

This month’s selection is a very dear figure who really touches my heart. Lord Bragg is a beloved British UK broadcaster,  Novelist and reigning Arts doyen.

He’s had a staggering career and many struggles which is why I’m so fond of him, if anybody takes a moment to uncover his past you can’t helped but be moved by him. From humble roots he began as a trainee for the BBC and went on has very candidly discussed his struggles with depression and was a former President of Mental Health Charity MIND.

If you ever get a chance I would highly recommend you watch the talk between Lord Bragg and Joanna Lumley. I bought this series on DVD as individual full episodes cannot be found online. Get yours here. I watched this a couple years ago when things were pretty horrific for me and it always gave me hope that someone who was struggling the way I was not only found relief in the arts but made a career out of it. Rarely would I say someone as a person is admirable but Lord Bragg truly is. When I decided to write about Melvyn on my site I started to cry like Kim Kardashian ugly tears crying that’s how big of an impact he has on me….

Bragg’s article on The Telegraph: British Culture may be our great new industry

“Snobbery still exists, but it is comical or pathetic and no longer has a cutting edge.”

“How would you really describe yourself? I suggest it might be through the type of music you like, the sport you follow, the radio station you listen to, the authors you read, the ballet or the opera or theatre you go to, the soaps or the galleries – or a mix of all. The old snakeskin of class falls away when we look at what we really do, or are given half the chance to be as we really want to be.”


5 Essential Books and Resources For Writers

boy with a hat

woman writing painting

Writing is for the most part a solitary endeavor, something each of one of us has to figure out on our own. While it’s up to us to find our voice and say what we have to say, there is much inspiration and lots of advice to be had from a few books and resources. I’m not speaking about the proliferation of “how to write” books available today, but the timeless words of writers who have stood the test of time.

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• Look out for character profiles: what they like to do, eat, see
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Hey guys!

A quick update to prevent any confusion. has a NEW url (same content just different web address.)

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Animation recommendations from a Bohemian Child…

Tales from Vintage clothes shop Hooty Roots

One of the shop assistants has a beautiful and wonderfully creative and intelligent daughter who has the mind of an erudite. Though she is a quintessential bohemian child.

I was somewhat stupefied by her animation recommends as this is coming from a school girl who has a literary heart. They’re unconventional animations to say the least.

Nonetheless they will amuse you and her recommendations were given with the utmost sincerity.

Let’s begin with Nyan Cat…

Meet Charlie the Unicorn:

In the same vein “Llamas with hats”

Then there’s the song: “Notice me Senpai” will induce earworm. Beware!

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Bohemian of the Month/ #BOTM: Michelle Cuadra


The month’s selection is our Edgiest Bohemian, she’s more Punk-yet girly/quirky and oh so rebellious!  Michelle has championed the Punk Arena in Hereford with Rich Lovell by way of their Live Music Nights aptly named “The Underground Revolution.”

Co-founder Rich has a manifesto for the music nights they organize: “no cliques, no mainstream, just cool music played with passion.”

Their next events are listed below. I seriously love the posters they come up with events, some of which are designed by local artists.


Be sure to visit the Facebook page to get updates on events and photos of the live acts and as always click like on Facebook.

Cuadra & Lovell have also paired up online to write about all things Indie in Herefordshire on the site

From retail to music, to exhibitions, food and beyond their website gives you the edgiest features of this county. And it packs a Punk punch as there are a range of contributing writers who post reviews from Poets, Singer-Songwriters and Artists. Quirkiness guaranteed! Convention is out. Rock ‘n’ Roll is in. It’s not just about music. All things quirky and eccentric are warmly embraced! 

Some Top Posts from their site

BookArt16 – A piece on how Books are used as a medium to make Art exhibited in unison with Ledbury Poetry festival.

 The Shack Revolution 

 Modern Belle Epoch Guide 

The site has introduced me to so many awesome music acts and artsy folk.  Like John Rose and band Pablo Alto Claire Perkins and band A Hundred SunsAnd so many more people! Visit to unearth Hereford’s Punk Community.

I have such a soft spot for the team at Hereford City-Centric as they were so supportive of my foray into hosting and performing Poetry Nights. Here’s the review.

Screenshot(251) a

Michelle also writes about beauty for women. Whether you’re looking to transform into Vixen Babe or Girl-Next Door on you’ll get the best tips. Plus it’s co-written with Hair & Make-Up Artist Carlos Palma.

Facebook: /ItGirlUK
Twitter: @ItGirlUk

Screenshot(252) a


Read Michelle & Rich’s feature in Herefordshire Live (a digital Lifestyle, Culture, Events and Sports site.)

Hereford City Centric


The Underground Revolution

Facebook Group